Adding a new consumer to your ScoreCEO account is essential to managing your credit repair business. In this article, we'll guide you through the simple process of entering a new client into your ScoreCEO account. With ScoreCEO's user-friendly consumer management feature, you can quickly add new clients and review their credit reports. Follow these easy steps to get started.

Step 1. Sign in to ScoreCEO Click Here

Step 2. Click on Icon Lead/Consumer

 Step 3. At the top right corner Click "Add Existing Consumer"

Step 4. Start filling out the fields with the customer information. 

Step 5. Proceed to Select the Payment Model Plan that applies to this consumer. Click the dropdown menu to see all Payment Model Plans. 

Step 6. Select the Payment Method, Click the drop-down Menu to see the available options. 

*** If you choose payment method Cash or Check continue to Step 11****

Step 7. If paying with Credit Card Choose "Credit Card" from the Drop-Down Menu. 

Step 8. Enter the consumer Credit Card information. 

**After filling out credit card information continue with Step 12**

Step 9. If paying with ACH Choose "ACH" from the Drop-Down Menu.

Step 10. Fill in all the information requested. 

**Not sure what Echeck Type to use? Verify with their Echeck Types and Codes. Click Here**

**After filling out credit card information continue with Step 12**

Step 11. Select the "Next Billing Date"- This will be for their Monthly Renewal fee. 

Step 12. Click "Save" To Add your existing consumer.